Attention Neuropathy Suferrers:

Breakthrough Treatment Drastically Reduces The Tingling, Pins & Needles Pain So you can sleep Through the night & be on your feet with confidence!

(All without drugs, shots or surgery)

Our Professional Medical Staff Help Easily Diagnose, Prescribe And Treat Neuropathy To Help Reduce The Risk Of Falling And Amputation Right Here In Provo, UT

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It's time to experience the FAST RELIEF that revolutionary medical technology can provide and get back feeling and circulation, and back to feeling confident on your feet!

Having issues with:

  • Diabetes Type 1 or 2?
  • ​Poor balance due to limited feeling?
  • Experiencing stabbing, burning, electrical, or tingling pain?
  • ​Experiencing numbness?
  • ​It hurts to walk?
  • ​Can't sleep because of foot pain?

We are a long term solution:

  • Our shockwave Protocol addresses even long-term neuropathy at the root of the pain to get relief FAST
  • ​Shockwave accelerates healing for months after treatment
  • Regain confidence in the ability to walk,  and work with more natural feeling
  •  Start seeing improvement as early as the 1st visit


Neuropathy pain is from reduced circulation, and nerve damage, at Stronglife we work to treat it at the root of the problem.

Find out about a revolutionary treatment that is changing how fast those with neuropathy can greatly reduce the tingling, burning, stabbing, discomfort - in just weeks instead of being stuck with it for years!

Stronglife's shockwave therapy is non-invasive, and helps restore nerve health and circulation, restoring the quality of  life, allowing hundreds of clients to enjoy being on their feet again. No longer be concerned about having to be stuck in agony forever, or look for yet another pair of shoes to relieve the pain.

Personalized Care Plans

We provide a FREE monofilament and vibration test with our FREE consultation to determine the current severity of circulation and nerve damage. We work with each client personally to develop a care plan that will help drastically reduce the discomfort from neuropathy. So anyone can be back on their feet. So our clients can play with their kids and grandkids, and so they can feel comfortable on their feet again!

Even if:
-Diabetes Type 1 or 2 is an issue
-Regular physical therapy didn't work
-Exercise and massage don't work

100% FREE, No-Obligation Consultation

Top Rated Regenerative Medicine Clinic, 5/5 Stars in Provo, UT

Over 5 Years of Shockwave Therapy Experience Specifically

No longer Lose sleep and struggle with The Pins & Needles with our treatment

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+ FREE Monofilament Test
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- We're here to provide fast, non-invasive relief from neuropathy discomfort!

By using only the most successful therapy to treat neuropathy, we are able to provide the best solutions so those with neuropathy can get back on their feet sooner.

Revolutionary New Neuropathy Treatment 
Drastically Improves feeling and reduces the "Pins & Needles" Discomfort

 Shockwave Therapy

Low-intensity shockwaves reduces the root of cause of neuropathy discomfort. Shockwave stimulates improved circulation to deliver healing nutrients directly to the damaged nerves, and actually re-grows new nerve tissue, drastically reducing the discomfort of neuropathy so our clients can be back on their feet sooner. Our clients notice an improvement in pain as fast as the first treatment!

"Shockwave made it possible for me to be on my feet again..."

Questions About Our Therapy?

We know this works and want to ensure the process is comfortable.

Does Our Shockwave Protocol Really Work?
Shockwave Therapy has been shown to safely and quickly reduce the discomfort of neuropathy in patients with numbness and the pins and needles. So our clients have a proven, affordable, non-invasive solution to get out of pain and take back their life. 
What Can I Expect At My First Appointment?
Meet with our very own Dr. AJ Ludlow, who suffered with foot pain himself for 4 years, to discuss the severity of neuropathy, medical history and the exact therapy options that would be best.
What Is The Root Cause of Neuropathy?
Neuropathy is the result of poor blood circulation, and damaged nerve fibers. Shockwave reduces the discomfort of neuropathy by improving natural feeling, and improved circulation
What Is The Treatment Therapy Like?
Low-intensity shockwaves stimulate the body to re-grow new nerve tissue, grow new healthy micro-capillaries, and clear the plaque from blood vessels. Providing improved blood flow for better circulation, and improved sensitivity. The root cause of neuropathy discomfort will drastically go down!  After the acoustic wave appointments, things will feel different, in a good way (many patients have an improvement in pain after just 1 visit)! 

Our Patients Love How Shockwave Has Helped Them Get their Lives Back!

About Our "Stronglife" Neuropathy Clinic

About Dr. AJ Ludlow, DPT

Dr. AJ Ludlow has recognized that the insurance-based medical model is not enough. It is life-saving medicine, but not helping people live their BEST life. He has made it his mission to find the best treatments the world over and bring them to his patients here in Provo, UT. So his patients can live a capable life, a life without pain, a healthy life, a STRONGLIFE.

A California native, but has lived a total of 15+ years in Utah between receiving his undergraduate at Brigham Young University and his doctorate at the University of Utah, he now calls Utah his home!

He has traveled and researched extensively to find the most effective solutions for injury and pain. What someone would have once had to travel outside the US for, is now available right here in Provo, UT. 

Now Getting Relief  From Neuropathy Is Easier Than Ever:

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  • Start Shockwave Therapy to see results as early as 1 visit
  • Enjoy walking, working or playing with the grandkids again!