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MRI's can be misleading

While we may see disc herniations on MRI that seem to correspond with the pain you are having, MRI's taken of people who do not have pain will often show the same types of disc herniation. 

Many experts consider these changes to be a part of normal aging of the spine, some experience significant pain while others do not. But there is hope! If so many people can live their lives free of pain with the same disc herniation that you have, than so can you!

Muscle Spasms

A muscle spasm is a tightening of a muscle which causes pain that can often be intense and sometimes radiates into other parts of the body. The spasm is a response from the body to protect the area that is injured. Often times the spasm is a symptom of an underlying problem which needs to be addressed. It can be caused by:
poor posture

We use shockwave therapy, dry needling and gentle manipulation to treat the root cause of the spasm, get it to calm down quickly. So you don't need adjustments forever, or surgery.

It's been amazing being able to help patients in that moment of terror and pain to relax and get relief through these new treatments.

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It's time to experience the FAST RELIEF that revolutionary medical technology can provide and get back to moving in comfort!

Having issues with:

  • Those with difficulties moving normally, even small movements and deep breathing hurt
  • Stabbing pain when you move the wrong way
  • Other treatments haven't successfully helped with long-lasting relief 

We are a long term solution:

  •  Our specialized manipulation techniques can give relief even when other adjustments haven't helped or hurt more. Our mobility treatments are less jarring
  • Regain confidence in the ability to bend, sit, carry heavy loads and work without sharp pain or limited movement
  •  Start seeing improvement as early as the 1st visit

Sharp and Often Chronic Pain

Muscle spasms can catch you at the absolute worst time, and be terrifying. Not able to do anything, but wait it out seems like a pretty terrible option, when you have things you need to do.

At Stronglife we've discovered new treatments that can calm a spasming muscle quickly, and the underlying pain afterward, so it doesn't last for days.

Personalized Care Plans

At Stronglife we seek to make this possible by relieving the accompanying muscle spasm and mobility restrictions, and pain with:

Shockwave: Uses sound wave to stimulate a strong healing response from the body, used to calm tight muscles in the region around the SI.

Dry needling: to stimulate your body's own healing and pain relief mechanisms
Joint manipulation: resets the joint and can provide immediate relief

Cold laser therapy to accelerate the healing process

Instrument assisted massage: to stimulate tendon repair and reduce muscle tension
Exercise: to empower you with the tools necessary to build strength and keep muscle tension from returning 

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About Our "Stronglife" Plantar Fasciitis Clinic

About Dr. AJ Ludlow, DPT

A California native, but has lived a total of 15+ years in Utah between receiving his undergraduate at Brigham Young University and his doctorate at the University of Utah, he now calls Utah his home!

He has traveled and researched extensively to find the most effective solutions for injury and pain. What someone would have once had to travel outside the US for, is now available right here in Provo, UT. 

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