Keep Training And Keep Working, Go Further And Do More, Without Repetitive Injury Benching You

Repetitive strain comes from repetitive movement, like tendinitis, or like tennis elbow, is pain that keeps coming back when certain movements are repeated, usually as part of work or training. 

This tendon and where it attaches to the bone become painful and there are tiny tears, degeneration.  These tiny tears struggle to heal, because of continued use. 

With carpal tunnel there is pain, but also numbness and tingling from nerve damage that gets worse and can become permanent the longer you wait!

These are considered overuse injuries which develops over a period of time, but can be the result of a sudden strain as well. 

Activities that cause the person to bend the wrist back (like a backhand shot in tennis, or repeated use of screwdriver or wrench) are often the cause, although any repetitive heavy use can cause it. This is in injury that can easily become chronic, lasting months to years if not treated quickly.

The shockwave therapy has a 90% success rate of getting patients to pain-free after 6 sessions. It speeds up recovery. It releases stem cells and T cells in the area, it stimulates the growth of new tiny blood vessels and new healthy nerve tissue. It heals the body, instead of just covering up the pain. 

Achilles Tendonitis

Chronic Shoulder Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Tennis Elbow


  • SAVE MONEY: Don't keep buying special massagers or a special bed or chair, get relief in just a few visits.Get the yard looking amazing yourself and tackle all the home projects. You won't be dragging at work and can be more creative and productive, plus you won't have to take as many sick days, and will get the promotion because you feel good and can be relied on. 
  • SAVE TIME: When you feel 100% everything is easier, grocery shopping, cooking healthy meals for the family, instead of always eating out, even just getting everyone to their soccer games or finishing your to-do list is easier and faster.
  • FAST RECOVERY:  At Stronglife it only takes a few visits for full recovery, so you can avoid 12 months of physical therapy, and months of downtime from surgery. In training you can shave time off your personal best without injury holding you back.
  • IMPROVE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS: You can get down on the ground to play with the kids, meet up with friends after work, go on a hike as a family because pain isn't grating on you. You are not dragging everyone down with your problems, you’re not "the grouchy one." Your family loves to visit because you have energy to go out with them. You can be the nice, happy, boss that is a team player.
  • PAIN-FREE LIFE:  Let go of the worry that you'll be in pain forever, because we can help you be independent, and people want to be around you because you're not slowing them down. You can go on vacation without worry of needing a special bed, and feel more vibrant, capable, confident, and more sure-footed.
  • BE MORE COMFORTABLE: Know that you can be on your feet all day long no problem!  You can get excited to go shopping or sightseeing, or walk up the canyon, or have a BBQ and not feel exhausted by dinner. 
  • LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFE: Without pain, you'll feel confident to exercise and you won't start gaining weight, with all the issues that come along with it. You'll feel capable to pick up the kids, ride a bike, walk the dog, or ski again.
  • BE MORE CONFIDENT: Know that you can take care of yourself, that your body is strong and able to do yard work, move furniture or put in a full and productive day of work.  Be the envy among your friends because old age hasn’t taken it's toll on you.
What Are You Waiting For?
What Are You Waiting For?
  • FREE Consult With The Doctor: Come in to our Provo location for a no-obligation, no pressure, FREE consultation with Dr. AJ Ludlow. 
  • Learn About Cutting-Edge Options: At this 15 minute consultation, you'll learn more about the kind of revolutionary physical therapy at Stronglife that goes above and beyond anything you've experienced.
  • Get Elite Access: You will have acces to treatments to finally heal your pain that were once only available outside of the USA. We provide care that surpass other physical therapy treatments available anywhere in Utah.
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